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    ESL Warmer: Creative Match

    ESL Warmer: Creative Match

    Creative Match  is a simple warmer or cooler activity that is a simple way to get students thinking and speaking. In this activity, students are shown two random items and they have to guess what connections there are between the two items. Aim: To practice speaking. Level: All levels Learning Objectives: Practice speaking and making […]

    ESL Game_ What are they thinking?

    ESL Game: What are they thinking?

    What are they thinking? is a speaking activity that is great for teens or adults. In this game, students look at an image with a number of people. Each student picks one person from the picture and writes what they think the person is thinking. Later, students each take one of the thoughts written by the […]

    ESL Game_ Tongue Twister Broken Telephone

    Tongue Twister Broken Telephone

    Tongue Twister Broken Telephone is a simple speaking relay race where students have to say a tongue twister to their partners. This is a fun warmer of cooler for young learners, teens and even adults. Aim To practice speaking and listening skills with students. Level Beginners and above Method Make teams. Line up each team in a line. […]

    ESL Game_ Tongue Twister Running Dictation

    Tongue Twister Running Dictation

    Tongue Twister Running Dictation is a simple activity to practice reading, writing and speaking skills with ESL students. In this activity, students work in pairs or teams to read a tongue twister and then run to their partner who has to write the tongue twister. This activity is a great way to get students out of […]

    ESL Game: Correct the Mistake

    ESL Game: Correct the Mistake

    Correct the Mistake is a simple activity that can be used when teaching grammar with language learners. In this activity the teacher dictates sentences to students that contain errors. The students must listen and write the sentences and then in pairs correct them. This activity is especially useful after students have learned a new grammar point as […]