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ESL Warmer_ Spin the marker
27 Nov, 2018

ESL Warmer: Spin the marker

Spin the marker  is a speaking activity that is a great way to allow free speaking practice in the class. Sometimes students just want a chance to talk and express themselves in an unstructured way and this activity can be a great way to encourage this type of speaking practice. This activity is best used […]

11 Sep, 2018

ESL Directions Game: Ship In The Fog

Ship in the Fog is a fun and simple way to practice directions with your students. In this activity students make an obstacle course in the classroom. After, a blindfolded student must complete the obstacle course while being given directions verbally by the other students.  Activity time: 5 minutes and above Level: Young learners, teens. […]

20 Mar, 2018

ESL Game: Change Seats If …

‘Change Seats If‘ is an exciting and fun activity that is very effective in improving students’ listening skills. This activity is a great way to end a busy class and or to burn off extra energy and help focus your students. Students are sure to enjoy this active listening activity. Activity time: 5 – 10 minutes […]

ESL Game Alphabet Race
18 Sep, 2017

ESL Game: Alphabet Race

Alphabet Race is a great game to practice the alphabet with young learners. This is a great activity to warm up students or cool down at the end of class. This is a simple no-prep activity to practice the alphabet with young learners.

21 Mar, 2017

Hammer Phonics

Hammer phonics is a great ESL game for beginners with a low level of English. If properly organized and carried out, it is fun and will in no time become a popular game in class. This is a great game to practice and learn phonics in class. Duration: 10mins Materials required: Toy hammer and Phonics […]