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ESL Game Organise Yourselves

ESL Game Organise Yourselves

ESL Game Organise Yourselves is a simple activity to get your students to organise themselves before games, to change seating arrangements or just to practice numbers or alphabet skills. This activity is a great way to refresh students during class and to get them moving and reengaged.

Get students to organise themselves by age, name, height, surname, distance from school, number of years studying English, number of brothers or sisters and so on.

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ESL Game Alphabet Race

ESL Game: Alphabet Race

Alphabet Race is a great game to practice the alphabet with young learners. This is a great activity to warm up students or cool down at the end of class. This is a simple no-prep activity to practice the alphabet with young learners.

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ESL Game Colours and FruitColours and Fruit is a great game for kindergarten. This game is easy, but you have to make sure that the young learners are familiar with the vocabulary you want to practice and check with them or else they will feel discouraged and find it difficult to play.

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials required to play colours and fruit: Two sets of flashcards (Example: colors and different fruit)

Skills practiced: vocabulary, memorisation

Level: Kindergarten


1. Categorize the fruit flashcards according to their colors. (EXAMPLE: Yellow group could be Banana, lemon.  Orange group could be orange, mango, Red Group could apple, strawberry, tomatoes, peach and so on)

2. Show them each fruit flashcard and ask them to tell you the color.

3. After the entire vocabulary items are placed in their groups, then ask them again with more emphasis on the color, EXAMPLE: What do we have in the Red group? Then start showing them the flashcards from the Red category. When they say “a strawberry” you will say “a RED strawberry” stressing the colour RED.

4. Repeat the process for all color groups of fruit.

5. When they are familiarized with the fruits and their colors, you will say the fruit and they will say the color.

EXAMPLE: when you say apple, they will say red, when you say banana, they will say yellow and so on.

6. Next, you will have to say the color and they will mention all the fruits in that category.

7. Reward the kids for their great performance; this will stimulate their motivation to learn more.

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Hammer Phonics

ESL Game Hammer PhonicsHammer phonics is a great ESL game for beginners with a low level of English. If properly organized and carried out, it is fun and will in no time become a popular game in class. This is a great game to practice and learn phonics in class.

Duration: 10mins

Materials required: Toy hammer and Phonics Flash Cards.

Skills practiced: Phonics revision and quick response.

Level: Beginners

  1. Introduce few phonics cards to the learners (Not more than 8 at a time, EXAMPLE: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H).
  2. After a proper introduction and teaching of the phonic cards put them on the floor.
  3. Hand toy hammers to two students at a time.
  4. Students should be instructed to raise their hammers as high as possible.
  5. Read out the phonetic sound that is related to a particular card

Example: CARD 1 = A, A for Apple, CARD 2 = B, B for Ball, CARD 3 = C, C for Cat etc.

  1. The first learner to hit the right card and properly pronounce the right phonetic sound associated with that card is declared the winner.
  2. Transfer the hammers to new students and repeat the whole process.

This simple game is easy to organize and it is always successful in class. It is important that the students are given plenty of time to prepare the target language before playing the game. It is a fun and engaging way to practice phonics with your students.

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ESL Vocabulary Game

ESL Bomb is a great game for vocabulary revision. You can use it with groups of vocabulary and it can be a great addition to your classroom routines. 
1. Get a small soft ball and a timer. 
2. Pick a category of vocabulary you would like the students to practice. i.e transportation When the students get the ball they must say a word from the category and then pass the ball to another student. The must not repeat words. 
3. Students continue to pass the ball until the time is up and the bomb explodes! 

This game is a great way to break up the class and get the students focused on the lesson.