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    ESL Game: Correct the Mistake

    ESL Game: Correct the Mistake

    Correct the Mistake is a simple activity that can be used when teaching grammar with language learners. In this activity the teacher dictates sentences to students that contain errors. The students must listen and write the sentences and then in pairs correct them. This activity is especially useful after students have learned a new grammar point as […]

    Past Continuous Game – Convince Me

    Convince me (The past continuous game) is a fun and challenging game which will help improve students’ speaking abilities by practicing the use of past continuous tense. Students need to ask and answer questions about what they did the previous day at certain times using the past continuous tense. Activity time: 20 minutes Materials required: picture […]

    May and Might

    This post will focus on an activity to practice may and might, the models of possibility. These words are usually introduced to young learners and teens at different stages of their courses. Introducing this key language in a fun and engaging way is key to students remembering the target language. This is a great activity to […]