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ESL Game: What’s missing?

“What’s missing” is a fun ESL game to play with young learners. In this game, you can use flashcards with target language to practice vocabulary and pronunciation with your students.

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  1. Place target flashcards on a table with the picture facing up. Students stand around the table so they can see all the flashcards.
  2. Tell the students to close their eyes. When they do, take away one of the flashcards. Then, tell the students to open their eyes.
  3. The first student to spot and say the missing flashcard wins that round.
  4. Continue with the other cards.

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ESL Game Derp, Derp

ESL Game: Derp, Derp

Derp, Derp is a simple no prep ESL game that can be used with any level or age group. To start, simply choose a student who will go first. This student must choose a word. This word is the secret word.

Next, the student must create a sentence using this word. They can say the sentence or write it on the board. For example, “The boy crossed the DERP, DERP.” The rest of the class must guess what the secret word is where the “DERP, DERP” is. If after 3 attempts no one guesses the word, the teacher can award a point and another student takes a turn. Students love this game as it can be silly but productive. Award extra points for correct sentences, new vocabulary studied in class or grammar structures used.

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