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28 Aug, 2018

ESL Game: Sound Charades

Sound Charades is a super fun game for young learners but could be also used with other levels. This version of charades is played the same as the original but in this version you can only make sounds. Students can either write their own or used the prepared cards. A student from the class selects […]

ESL Game Monkey in the Middle
28 Jun, 2018

ESL Game: Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the Middle is a fun group activity for young learners which helps students to practice and review vocabulary of different categories. In this activity, students have to say words from a given category while trying the pass the ball without the students in the middle getting the ball.  Activity time: 10 minutes Materials […]

19 Apr, 2018

ESL Game: Verbictionary

Verbictionary is a variation of the classic game pictionary. In this version, students are split into two teams. One member from each team is shown a verb by the teacher. Next, the two students must draw a picture to represent the verb. The first team to guess the verb correctly are the winners. After, another […]

ESL Odd One Out online Game Movers Cambridge
9 Feb, 2018

ESL Odd One Out

ESL Odd One Out is an online game that is a great way to practice vocabulary and speaking with young learners. This activity is great to help students practice for the Cambridge Movers exam. In total there are 8 rounds with 3 sets of pictures in each round. Age/Level: Young Learners (Cambridge Movers) Time: Varies depends on needs […]

ESL Game Alphabet Race
18 Sep, 2017

ESL Game: Alphabet Race

Alphabet Race is a great game to practice the alphabet with young learners. This is a great activity to warm up students or cool down at the end of class. This is a simple no-prep activity to practice the alphabet with young learners.