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    ESL Game Top Five

    ESL Last Lesson Activity: Top Five

    Top Five  is a simple no prep ESL game that is a great way to end your last lesson with students in a fun and competitive way. In this activity, students are put into teams and are given a category. From their category they must guess what might be the top five in that category. […]

    ESL Game Liar!

    ESL Game: Liar!

    Liar! is a simple activity where students describe and answer questions about images. Students have to listen to a volunteers description of a picture and decide if they are lying or telling the truth about the image. Method Before class, print out a copy of the four student cards below. In class, get 4 volunteers […]

    ESL Game Shout out

    ESL Game: Shout Out

    Shout Out is a no-prep game that can be used when students are in need of a break and need to release some energy. Games such as this one, although loud, are possible to do in a controlled way that will help students focus on the next task. You will find more ‘brain break’ activities […]

    ESL Game Half

    ESL Game: Half

    Half is a simple game to get students thinking by finishing some sentences. With Half,  students can practice listening skills, writing and speaking in one simple no-prep activity that is sure to get them talking. This activity can be used as a simple warmer at the beginning of class or as a fun cooler. You could […]

    Two No-Prep ESL Ball games

      ESL WORD ASSOCIATION GAME (THE TALKING BALL) This is an effective and enjoyable activity which encourages the active participation of learners. The aim of the game is to help learners practice words associated with a particular topic or category. For example, you could ask the learners to use only names of animals, countries, verbs […]