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    ESL 4 Pictures 1 Word

    ESL 4 Pictures 1 Word is a simple activity for lower level young learners (8+) and teens. Due to the popularity of the last Four Picture One Word post, I have made a second round for your classes to enjoy. This is level two and has some more challenging words for your class to discover. For those […]

    ESL Countdown

    ESL Countdown is a very popular show in the UK and Ireland. It is a simple game that is great as a warmer or cooler for the ESL classroom. It’s useful with nearly every level and a great way to get your students writing and practicing spelling. Everyone from young learners to adults can enjoy […]

    Magazine Personalities

    Magazine Personalities is a great way to get to know your class in your first lesson and also to get them speaking about themselves and their interests. I use this activity with my teen and adult classes and have found that it’s a great way to get them talking. It also gives you a great […]

    ESL Connect Four

    ESL Connect Four is a simple and fun ESL game to add to your Smart Board collection. The aim of ESL Connect Four is for students from one team to get four coloured pieces in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) before the other team. This is a great way for students to practice language […]