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ESL 4 Pictures 1 Word

4 Pictures 1 Word ESL Game TEFL Kids English
Due to the popularity of the last Four Picture One Word post, I have made a second round for your classes’ pleasure. This is level two and has some more challenging words for your class to discover.

For those who have not tried this game before, students look at four pictures that are connected by one word. They must guess the word. 

Activity Time:   10 +
Materials required: Powerpoint presentation below. 
Skills practiced: Speaking, listening.
Level: Kids, teens and adults Beginners +


1. Split the class into teams. Groups of two and three are best.

2. Explain the game to the students. Tell them that they are going to see four pictures. The four pictures are connected by one common word. In their groups, they must decide what the word is. To ensure that they understand, try this example.

ESL Four Pictures one Word ESLKidsGames.com

3. Now begin the game. For each correct answer, each team gets one point. If both teams guess the correct answer, they both get the point. To avoid any problems, ask the teams to write down their answer before they say it. Don’t let students shout the answer. If you need to, deduct points to deter shouting out answers.

Download (PPTX, 1.13MB)

ESL Family Fortunes

ESL Countdown


ESL Countdown

ESL Countdown esl Kids games interactive whiteboard TEFL
ESL Countdown is a very popular show in the UK and Ireland. It is a simple game that is great as a warmer or cooler for the ESL classroom. It’s useful with nearly every level and a great way to get your students writing and practicing spelling. Everyone from young learners to adults can enjoy this simple and fun ESL activity.Activity Time: 5 mins +

Materials required: whiteboard and optionally a projector to use the digital version below.
Skills practiced: Writing, brainstorming, vocabulary and fluency.
Level: All levels Young learners – adults
Note: The clock is set for 30 seconds. Allow extra time for younger or lower level students.

1. Ask students to take out a pen and notebook. Put students into pairs or on their own depending on age and level.

2. Explain to the students that they must pick vowels or consonants and then they have 30 seconds to write any words they can make with the letters on the board. The team who creates the longest correct words gets one point for each correct word.

3. You can use the digital version below by clicking on the different options, click on more rules for instructions etc.


Not able to see the game? Try a different browser.

 Not able to see the game? Make sure you allow “flash” from this site OR try a different browser.  

Magazine personalities

This  activity is a great way to get to know your class in your first lesson and also to get them speaking about themselves and their interests. I use this activity with my teen and adult classes and have found that it’s a great way to get them talking. It also gives you a great insight into your students’ hobbies and interests which can be invaluable when writing lesson plans that engage your students and their interests. 

Activity Time:  10 mins +
Materials required:  Interactive White board, smart notebook software and the download 
Level: All levels of adults and teens. 


1. Open the download. There are a total of three slides. On Slide 1, you will see the first prompt. You can tell the class that they “have been been delayed in the airport for five hours”. Here you can ask has anyone ever been delayed in the airport or missed their flight etc if you wish. Ask them to describe how they felt and how did they pass the time etc. 

On slide one you must click the picture of the face for it to appear.

2. In Slide 2, you inform the students that the airline has given them enough money to purchase any two magazines from the newsagent. 

As in Slide 1, you must click on the picture for it to appear. 

3. In Slide 3, I have put a selection of typical magazines that can be found in English. You can click on each picture to make it appear and then ask the class to discuss the magazine. What type of magazine is it? What would they expect to find in it? etc. 

4. After you have discussed all the magazines, the students then pick two that they would buy. Ask each student to explain why etc

You can add or change any of the magazines I have added.

I hope you enjoy this activity. If you use and like this activity or have any suggestions, please let me know. 

ESL Connect Four

ESL Connect Four is a simple and fun ESL game to add to your Smart Board collection. The aim of ESL Connect Four is for students from one team to get four coloured pieces in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) before the other team. This is a great way for students to practice language in a fun competitive way. You can use this game to practice vocabulary, spelling, grammar questions, sentence construction etc.

Activity Time:  10 mins +
Materials required:  Interactive White board, smart notebook software and the download
Level: All levels
1.When a team scores a point, they can place one of their team’s pieces on the board (either red or green).

2. The piece must be either on the bottom of the grid or just above another piece (get your students to imagine it has been pulled down by gravity).
3. When one of the teams have connected four pieces, they are the winners.

When a team connects four pieces, they win.

Download ESL Connect Four 

For more interactive white board game visit the smart board section.