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    Just a minute Christmas challenge

    Just a minute Christmas Challenge

    Just a minute Christmas Challenge is a simple no-prep activity that is great for teens and adults with a B1 (intermediate +) level. Students have to describe a photo in as much detail as they can for one minute. Students are awarded points if they can keep talking for one minute and extra points if they […]

    ESL-Vocabulary-Fortunes-Online Vocabulary Game

    ESL Vocabulary Fortunes

     ESL Vocabulary Fortunes is a great online ESL game designed for teens and adults. This game is based on the classic TV game show Family Feud or Family Fortunes in the UK. This Game is simple to play and a fantastic way to practice vocabulary on different topics and sure to entertain students at […]

    ESL Game Half

    ESL Game: Half

    Half is a simple game to get students thinking by finishing some sentences. With Half,  students can practice listening skills, writing and speaking in one simple no-prep activity that is sure to get them talking. This activity can be used as a simple warmer at the beginning of class or as a fun cooler. You could […]

    ESL Creativity Activity

    This activity is based on a creativity test developed by psychologist Ellis Paul Torrance. Torrance created the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT) which sought to test people’s creativity and not just IQ. Download and print the ESL creativity activity handout: Students are given an image like the one shown in the picture below.   Students are […]