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    ESL Speaking Activity Dead or Alive

    ESL Speaking Activity: Dead or Alive

    Dead or Alive is a simple speaking activity for teens and adults. In this activity, students think of three people, dead or alive, that they would like to have lunch with. Students first write a list of who they would like to have lunch with and tell the class or their partner why they would like […]

    ESL What can you remember?

    ESL Game: What can you remember?

    What can you remember? is a little or no-prep activity that can be used as a warmer or as an end of class game. In this activity, students look at a picture and try and remember as many details as possible about the image. After, students write as many details as they can remember in teams. […]

    ESL Warmer Finish the Quote

    ESL Warmer: Finish the Quote

    Finish the Quote is a simple way to start a new topic or unit with adult or teen students. In this activity you give students half of a quote about the topic they are going to study. In pairs or individually, students complete the quote and later discuss their quote with the class. After, show […]

    ESL New Year’s Resolutions Activity

    ESL New Year’s Resolutions Activity is a great way to get teens and adults speaking on the topic of New Year’s resolutions. This activity is designed for students with a level of intermediate and above. Method  Encourage students to first discuss New Year’s resolutions Some questions to start with include: What are some New Year’s […]

    ESL Christmas Debate

    ESL Christmas Debate involves holding a debate with your students on the topic of Christmas. This activity can be used as an end of class activity or if you follow the plan below will take at least 30 minutes. This activity is suitable for teens and adults with a level of intermediate and above.  Method: Put […]