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    ESL Directions Game: Ship In The Fog

    Ship in the Fog is a fun and simple way to practice directions with your students. In this activity students make an obstacle course in the classroom. After, a blindfolded student must complete the obstacle course while being given directions verbally by the other students.  Activity time: 5 minutes and above Level: Young learners, teens. […]

    ESL Game Shout out

    ESL Game: Shout Out

    Shout Out is a no-prep game that can be used when students are in need of a break and need to release some energy. Games such as this one, although loud, are possible to do in a controlled way that will help students focus on the next task. You will find more ‘brain break’ activities […]

    Hammer Phonics

    Hammer phonics is a great ESL game for beginners with a low level of English. If properly organized and carried out, it is fun and will in no time become a popular game in class. This is a great game to practice and learn phonics in class. Duration: 10mins Materials required: Toy hammer and Phonics […]

    ESL Creativity Activity

    This activity is based on a creativity test developed by psychologist Ellis Paul Torrance. Torrance created the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT) which sought to test people’s creativity and not just IQ. Download and print the ESL creativity activity handout: Students are given an image like the one shown in the picture below.   Students are […]