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    David has been teaching ESL for a number of years across Asia and Europe. He currently lives and works in Seville, Spain where he has been teaching for the past three years. He is currently studying an MA in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education in TESOL.

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    ESL Christmas Worksheets and Printables

    ESL Christmas Worksheets and Printables

    In this post we have put together a collection of free Christmas worksheets and Printables that can be used in classroom to reinforce vocabulary, practice problem solving and bring some festive cheer. From eslkidsgames.com Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Christmas Color by Numbers/Code Christmas Cut and Color               […]

    St Patrick's Day Quiz ESL Class Teens and adults

    St Patrick’s Day Quiz

    St. Patrick’s Day Activity: Quiz  is a simple St. Patrick’s Day activity for teens and adults. In this activity, students test their knowledge about Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day by answering multiple choice questions about St Patrick’s Day. This activity is a fun way to teach your students a little bit about Ireland while testing their […]

    Learning Names

    Learning Names is a great way to introduce yourself in the first class with young learners. In this activity the teacher uses objects that spell out their name. Students have to say what the objects are and guess the teacher’s name. This is a simple but effective icebreaker that is sure to be a success with […]

    ESL Warmer Draw me something

    ESL Warmer: Draw me Something

    Draw me Something is a simple activity that can be used as a way of starting a lesson on articles but can be adapted for other grammar points such as dependant prepositions. Activity time: 5 minutes Level: teens and adults (A2 +) Skills practiced: Speaking, listening  Materials needed: Pencil and paper for each pair of students. […]

    ESL Game Quick Draw

    ESL Game: Quick Draw

    Quick Draw is a simple activity to review vocabulary with your students. In this activity students are put in teams. They are then given a fixed amount of time (e.g 2 minutes) to draw as many words as they can. They must have their team say the word before they can move on to the next […]

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