ESL Energiser: Do What I Said, Not What I Say

    ESL Energiser: Do What I Said, Not What I Say

    Do What I Said, Not What I Say is another simple energiser that will get your students out of their seats and moving. This energiser is a great way to bring back some life into your class and get your students listening and thinking in English! In this activity,  students need to do the last command that they were told not the action you are currently telling them. This activity require your students to listen and think carefully about their actions.

    Activity time: 2 – 3 minutes

    Level: All levels and ages


    1. Teacher (or student) stands facing classmates.
    2. The leader calls out a command such as: “Stand on one foot!”
    3. Students must follow the previously given command, not the command just given.
    4. For example:

    Leader says: “Stand on one foot!”

    Students do nothing.

    Leader says: “Hop on one foot!”

    Students stand on one foot.

    Leader says: “Flap your arms!”

    Students hop on one foot.

    Leader says: “Pat your head!”

    Students flap their arms.

    Leader says: “Sit down!”

    Students pat their heads.

    Leader says: “Fold your hands on your desks!”

    Students sit down.

    Leader says: “Fold your arms on your desks!”

    Students fold their arms on their desks and are ready for the next lesson or activity of the day.

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