Month: August 2018

28 Aug, 2018

ESL Game: Sound Charades

Sound Charades is a super fun game for young learners but could be also used with other levels. This version of charades is played the same as the original but in this version you can only make sounds. Students can either write their own or used the prepared cards. A student from the class selects […]

21 Aug, 2018

ESL Energiser: Animal Roundup

Animal Roundup is a simple energiser that can be used with small or large groups. This can also be used as an icebreaker and works well with teens and adults. Students think of their favourite animal. The group then need to organise themselves from smallest to largest animal by only making gestures or the noise […]

14 Aug, 2018

ESL Energiser: Do What I Said, Not What I Say

Do What I Said, Not What I Say is another simple energiser that will get your students out of their seats and moving. This energiser is a great way to bring back some life into your class and get your students listening and thinking in English! In this activity,  students need to do the last […]

7 Aug, 2018

ESL Energiser: Buzz

Buzz is an effective class energiser to help get students get focused during lessons. This activity requires no preparation before class and is a great tool help students. This activity is great when students are finding it hard to focus or if you want to change up the pace between activities and can be used […]