ESL Game: Blind Speed Spelling

    ESL Game: Blind Speed Spelling

    Blind Speed Spelling is a very simple game that is effective for learning and practicing spelling. This activity is great fun for young learners and is a fun way to practice spelling at the end of class.

    Activity time: 10 – 15 minutes

    Materials required: Blindfolds, whiteboard marker or chalk, whiteboard/Chalkboard

    Skills practiced: Spelling.

    Level: Young learners –  Beginners and above


    1.  Organise the students into 2 to 4 teams (with a maximum of 4 players in each team)
    2.  Ask one player from each team to step forward, hand them a piece of chalk or a marker, instruct them to put on blindfolds, make sure they are a bit away from the board.
    3. Pronounce the word you want them to spell, ask other team members to spin their team players for some time, after which their teammates are allowed to direct them to the board by shouting the directions while the team players race to the board to spell the pronounced word.
    4. The first player to correctly spell the word wins a point for his/her team. A point should also be awarded to the other players. EXAMPLE, if there are 4 teams, first team (4 points), second team (3 points), third team (2 points) and the fourth team (1 point).
    5. After the first set of players have spelled the first word, new players come on board, and it continues until every team member has spelled a word. The total point for each team is calculated and the overall winner will be declared.

    Alternative ideas

    •  Draw squares on the board where the students must write each letter. Have their team mates direct the students where to write.
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