ESL Game: The Ship Comes Loaded

    ESL Game: The Ship Comes Loaded

    The Ship Comes Loaded is a simple and challenging game that can be played without preparation. This game is effective for learning and reviewing vocabulary beginning with a certain letter and your students will love it.

    Activity time: 10 minutes

    Materials required: None

    Skills practiced: Vocabulary (beginning with certain letters)

    Level: All levels


    1. Ask the students to sit in a circle
    2. Tell the students the rule of the game “all words they say must begin with the selected letter”.
    3. Instruct the students to choose any letter from the alphabet. Example: letter C
    4. Start the game by saying “A ship comes loaded”
    5. One of the students should ask “with what?”  Then you answer by saying any word that begins with the selected alphabet EXAMPLE: with carrots.
    6. The student will then say to the next student “A ship comes loaded”
    7. The next student then asks “with what?” the student answers “with carrots and cucumber” and so on
    8. The students must remember the words that have been said previously and add a new word that begins with the selected letter, and they are not allowed to write anything.
    9. If a student cannot come up with a new word beginning with the selected letter, or cannot remember the words that have been said, they are out of the game.
    10. The game continues until there is “the last man standing”, who is the ultimate winner.
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