Month: May 2018

    ESL Game_ ID Cards

    ESL Ice Breaker: ID Cards

    ID Cards is a simple ESL introduction/ice breaker game to get students introduced to each other. In this activity students are put into pairs. The teacher gives each student a card with a number of questions. The students must interview each other and fill out their card. Later the students use the information they have […]

    ESL Game_ The ship comes loaded

    ESL Game: The Ship Comes Loaded

    The Ship Comes Loaded is a simple and challenging game that can be played without preparation. This game is effective for learning and reviewing vocabulary beginning with a certain letter and your students will love it. Activity time: 10 minutes Materials required: None Skills practiced: Vocabulary (beginning with certain letters) Level: All levels Method Ask […]

    ESL Game Name It!

    ESL Game: Name It!

    Name It! is a simple reasoning game where students have to guess the keyword by listening to some clues. Each additional clue the students receive reduces the amount of points they can get. This game that can be either played cooperatively (as a class) or competitively (in teams). Aim: To practice vocabulary and listening skills. […]

    ESL Game_ Alphabet Portraits

    ESL Game: Alphabet Portraits

    Alphabet Portraits is a simple game that is great consolidating activity to practice upper and lower case alphabet but is also a great way to build rapport with students in class. In this activity students make pictures of people using only the alphabet to draw them.     Aim: Practice writing the alphabet and build […]

    ESL Game_ Brain Blaster

    ESL Game: Brain Blaster

    Brain Blaster is a game of chance and divergent thinking. This game is a great team game and can be used with young learners, teens and adults. Students are given a category and then roll a dice. Whatever number they get when they roll the dice, they must give that number of answers and get […]