Month: March 2018

    Five Things That…

    Five Things That… is a fun warmer which works great with teens and adults but can also be used with young learners. In this activity students have to write five things that the teacher tells them. For example, the teacher might say “write five things that are yellow.” Then, the students write their list of […]

    ESL Game: Change Seats If …

    ‘Change Seats If‘ is an exciting and fun activity that is very effective in improving students’ listening skills. This activity is a great way to end a busy class and or to burn off extra energy and help focus your students. Students are sure to enjoy this active listening activity. Activity time: 5 – 10 minutes […]

    Dictogloss Tongue Twister

    Dictogloss Tongue Twister

    Dictogloss Tongue Twister is a fun warmer/cooler that can be used with young learners, teens and even adults. During Dictogloss Tongue Twister, students listen to the teacher saying a tongue twister. Then, students must rewrite the tongue twister and later, in pairs/groups, use their notes to recreate the full tongue twister. Later, students can practice saying the tongue twister. […]

    ESL Activity in the News

    ESL Game: In the News

    In the News is a fun writing activity for teens and young learners. In this activity, students create a news story based on another students experience. This activity is a great way to practice writing, speaking and questions forming. This activity is very student-cantered and a great way to personalise writing for students in a fun […]

    ESL St. Patrick's Day Activity True or False

    ESL St. Patrick’s Day Activity: True or False

    ESL St. Patrick’s Day Activity: True or False  is a simple St. Patrick’s Day activity for teens and adults. In this activity, students test their knowledge about Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day by deciding if the statements are true or false. Level: Lower intermediate +  (B1+) Time: 15 – 20 Minutes Materials: Copy of the presentation (see […]