Month: February 2018

    ESL What can you remember?

    ESL Game: What can you remember?

    What can you remember? is a little or no-prep activity that can be used as a warmer or as an end of class game. In this activity, students look at a picture and try and remember as many details as possible about the image. After, students write as many details as they can remember in teams. […]

    ESL Sentence Starters

    ESL Sentence Starters

    ESL Sentence Starters is a simple warmer that you can use with teens and adults. This simple no-prep warmer can take only a few minutes of class time to get students going at the beginning of class.  Method: Start by selecting a sentence from the list below. Write the sentence on the board and ask […]

    ESL Game Liar!

    ESL Game: Liar!

    Liar! is a simple activity where students describe and answer questions about images. Students have to listen to a volunteers description of a picture and decide if they are lying or telling the truth about the image. Method Before class, print out a copy of the four student cards below. In class, get 4 volunteers […]

    ESL Game Dictionary Race

    ESL Game Dictionary Race

    Dictionary Race is a simple yet versatile ESL game that is great for developing dictionary skills with students. In this activity, the teacher gives students a list of unfamiliar words. These words may be from a text that they are going to read or from a new unit they are about to study. Students work […]

    ESL Odd One Out online Game Movers Cambridge

    ESL Odd One Out

    ESL Odd One Out is an online game that is a great way to practice vocabulary and speaking with young learners. This activity is great to help students practice for the Cambridge Movers exam. In total there are 8 rounds with 3 sets of pictures in each round. Age/Level: Young Learners (Cambridge Movers) Time: Varies depends on needs […]