Month: January 2018

    Yes, No, Maybe

    Yes, No, Maybe is a simple speaking activity that is great fun for young learners and even teens. Level: Young learners, teens A2 + Materials needed: A set of vocabulary cards. These can be flashcards or you can create your own. A set of fruit flashcards are available below. Method To start, first print out […]

    ESL Crazy Sentences

    ESL Crazy Sentences

    ESL Crazy Sentences is a fun sentence construction game for lower level learners and is suitable to be used with young learners, teens and even adults. Level: Beginners to lower intermediate (A1 – B1) Time: 15 – 20 Minutes Materials: Copy of the printable download (see below) print them on different colour sheets of paper so it is easier […]

    ESL talk about the picture

    ESL Talk about the Picture

    Talk about the Picture  is a great activity to introduce a topic or just as a break from the book to get students talking and practicing English. This activity is also a great warmer at the beginning of class and can be used regularly to improve students’ speaking skills. To start, first find some images […]

    Proverb Review

    In ‘Proverb Review’ students practice speaking while discussing common English proverbs. Students discuss the proverbs meaning and compare them to proverbs in their own language. This is simple activity is great to practice speaking and translation with adults and teens at the beginning or end of class. This activity is great for adult and teen […]

    ESL Warmer: Numbers in my Life

    Numbers in my Life,  is a quick no-prep way to get students talking. In this activity, students choose three numbers that are significant in their lives. After, students try to guess the meaning of a volunteers numbers. If the class cannot guess the significance the student tell the students what those numbers mean to them. This […]