Month: May 2017

    ESL Game Derp, Derp

    ESL Game: Derp, Derp

    Derp, Derp is a simple no-prep ESL game that can be used with any level or age group. To start, simply choose a student who will go first. This student must choose a word. This word is the secret word. Next, the student must create a sentence using this word. They can say the sentence […]

    ESL Game: Blind Treasure Hunt

    ESL Game: Blind Treasure Hunt

    Blind treasure hunt is a great game to get students interacting in English. Students wear a blindfold and try to guess what the contents on the table are. Award points to students that manage to guess what the objects are. This game is great for young learners who are learning food vocabulary or household objects […]

    Against the Clock

    ESL Game: Against the Clock

    Against the clock is a simple ESL game that can and can be added a part of your classes’ regular revision routine. Write new vocabulary students cover in class on pieces of paper. Put the pieces of paper in a box or container. Every week, month or during end of unit reviews give one of the […]

    ESL Game Half

    ESL Game: Half

    Half is a simple game to get students thinking by finishing some sentences. With Half,  students can practice listening skills, writing and speaking in one simple no-prep activity that is sure to get them talking. This activity can be used as a simple warmer at the beginning of class or as a fun cooler. You could […]