ESL Listen Carefully

    ESL Listen Carefully

    ESL Listen Carefully

    “Listen Carefully” is a simple game for young learners. This game is a great way to practice sentence forming in a way that is not boring for your students! Its also a great way to practice ESL listening skills.


    1. First do an example and then choose one student that will give instructions to the other students.

    e.g The student says “Stand up” and then all the other students must stand up.

    2. The student gives more instructions to the class but does a different action.

    e.g student says “Walk to the window” but the student who says the action walks to the door.

    Students who don’t do the correct action are eliminated.

    After, change the student who is giving the instructions.

    After some practice, students will love this activity and its a great way to practice revision and sentence formation.

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