What Am I?

    What Am I?

    Riddles can be a great way to practice speaking with ESL students. Riddles are a fantastic way to practice vocabulary and also engage students to think outside the box. This weeks’ game is a simple “What am I?” set of riddles. These riddles are made for young learners.

    These can also be used with other levels as quick warmers.

    Activity Time: 5 mins +

    Materials required: Whiteboard and optionally a projector to use the digital version below.
    Skills practiced: Speaking, brainstorming,vocabulary and fluency.
    Level: Young learners

    1. Write or project the riddles in the following presentation.

    2. Encourage students to guess what the answer is. Slowly reveal each answer, encouraging students to continue guessing. Students don’t need to understand every word to guess the answer. Try not to explain every word. Students can be put in pairs and write down their answers also. This can be a good way to make this a communicative task.
    ESL Riddles curiosity in the classroom
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