ESL Connect Four

30 Sep, 2012

ESL Connect Four

ESL Connect Four is a simple and fun ESL game to add to your Smart Board collection. The aim of ESL Connect Four is for students from one team to get four coloured pieces in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) before the other team. This is a great way for students to practice language in a fun competitive way. You can use this game to practice vocabulary, spelling, grammar questions, sentence construction etc.

Activity Time:  10 mins +
Materials required:  Interactive White board, smart notebook software and the download
Level: All levels
1.When a team scores a point, they can place one of their team’s pieces on the board (either red or green).

2. The piece must be either on the bottom of the grid or just above another piece (get your students to imagine it has been pulled down by gravity).
3. When one of the teams have connected four pieces, they are the winners.

When a team connects four pieces, they win.

Download ESL Connect Four 

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David has been teaching ESL for a number of years across Asia and Europe. He currently lives and works in Seville, Spain where he has been teaching for the past three years. He is currently studying an MA in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education in TESOL.

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