Month: July 2012

    Natural Disasters

    Survivor  Almost every text book will have a section on natural disasters and this activity can be a fun way of discussing the students opinions and views in a natural disaster scenario. There are two different handouts included in this post. Handout A shows 24 different items which were given to survivors of the 2011 tsunami. Handout B shows the […]

    ESL Quiz

    Activity Time: 10 – 30 mins [spacer] Introduction: There are a number of ways quizzes can be used in the ESL classroom. These quizzes have been designed as an end of class activity. I have found that students enjoy this activity as a fun way to end class. [spacer] Instructions: 1.Before you start assign teams. […]

    ESL Bomb Game

    Bomb I have been using this game with great success with a wide range of ESL students. From young learners (8 years up) to adults and all have enjoyed this game and have requested it again and again. It’s a simple game to introduce to students and because of the “chance” nature of the game […]

    Work in Progress

    Welcome to I am currently setting up the site and over the coming weeks and months I will be posting games, activities and lesson plans from my classes. This website is for both my own personal use as a way of tracking all the games and activities that I do with my classes for my own […]