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ESL Chain

ESL Chain is a great game that you can add to your class routines. Its a great game to practice and revise vocabulary and its always really enjoyed by children. 
1. Get a small soft ball and then get students to form a circle. 
2. Students pass the ball and count, say the days of the week, say the months of the year or any other sequence they need to revise. 
3. Only the child who has the ball can speak. 

ESL Riddles

This post looks at a simple idea for using English riddles in the ESL classroom. Riddles can be a great way to get to get students talking, introduce a lesson or maybe just to practice speaking. This post will look at one way the riddles below can be used in class with young learners, teens and even adults. 
1. Put students in pairs. 
2. In pairs, students try to decide what the item being described is. They must come up with reasons why they think that is the answer and discuss with the class. 
3. Make it more interesting by giving points to the pair that guess the most correct answers.

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